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Saturday, September 02, 2006


Person Reading My Blog,

Why are reading this blog now? It's Saturday! Oh wait, it's raining. Maybe that's why. If you're still bored later, come see Reuben Williams: Our Time to Shine @ the UCBT tonight. It's at 9 instead of 10:30. Plus, Lennon Parham, Eric Scott and I are welcoming special guests: Eugene Cordero! Ben Rodgers! and Charlie Sanders!

I'm only sad that we didn't use our original title: "Most of the members of Reuben Williams went away for Labor Day but they didn't take Lennon and Eric and Joe but that's okay because they are still going to do a show and guess what? Now it's their time to shine!"


If you were going to name a truck rental company "Trucknology," you are too late.


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