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Friday, September 01, 2006

Barbiturates Make Me Laugh

I never plug things on here, and this is not something to plug really, but here comes one...

Neil Casey and I are trying out some new sketches at Liquid Courage at the UCBT tonight at midnight. If you've never been, it's a fun show to watch. There are guaranteed to be some winners and at least one totally insane person or sketch.


After actively learning, performing, and teaching long-form improv for over five years now, I have found myself laughing a lot less when I watch it.

When I first moved to NYC, I was seeing an insane amount of improv on a weekly basis. Currently, in addition to my own weekly show, I watch Harold night every week and usually, at bare minimum, see at least one other improv performance of some kind.

On top of that, I either teach a class or coach a group about five days week.

I’m not enjoying it any less; I guess I just can’t help myself from analyzing it. I find myself thinking “that’s funny” when something funny happens as opposed to laughing.

However, this group of dudes that I coach on Thursday nights always make me crack up consistently for two hours. Looking over my notes from last night, here are improv scenes and specifics that were still able to amuse my cold, robot brain:

Referencing “The Commish”
The word barbiturates
mentioning Spudz McKenzie
“Cadbury dairy milk,” something I’m going to assume is not real
the phrase “sexual mummy”
saying “eve of Samhain”
playing a character who has bought Spudz McKenzie’s son

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